My First Post

My first post at my very own blog….. 😛

I’m a person that is not very good with writing but I will try….

Well, what have I been doing all these while when my first love, Lee Byunghun has been “missing in action” since May?  He has gone into deep “hibernation” …… busy filming his new movie “The Good, the Bad & the Weird”.  Hopefully, I can get a glimpse of him on his birthday next Thursday, 12 July.

My first love….

Now, back to what I have been doing for the past 7 weeks….. Well, I have been catching Air City, MBC’s Kdrama live via the internet every weekend.  Don’t know why….. but I gave up all my “dates”, shopping etc for the past 7 weekends and just stick my butt to the chair and glue myself in front of my PC from 8.45pm till 9.45pm, not knowing what they are talking about and making guesses here and there from the action of the actors and actresses in the drama.

Guess, it was Choi Ji Woo who made me wanted to watch this Kdrama at first but then I realised later it was Lee Jung Jae …. Yes, his is the culprit … hahaha… Well, will talk about him later  😀


4 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. rubie

    No problem, ylin.

    It’s actually quite easy and very user-friendly, indicating what can and can’t be done. I tried almost all the themes available before I settled with the very first I picked. ^^ You can even set the banner if it’s the custom ones. I haven’t found the perfect BH pic I like so far… hahaa… picky, picky.

    But still… a lot more to discover. See, you’ve got your avatar and pics up already. Keep on trying!

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