Will I see LBH?

ok, it’s gonna be my first love’s bd in 2 days time, 12 July is Lee Byung Hun-ssi’s birthday. 

I must confess that I have not been myself lately… partly because of some unhappiness at work for the past few months.  I have not been able to make banners, gifs, mvs etc. as usual.. 

In the past, I would have immersed myself into making banners/wallies/gifs/mv etc whenever I have the time but not recently.  I trashed them everytime I finished making them as I find them very ugly.  To-date,  I still think there is something wrong with the bd flash that I made for BH…. aish….. what’ wrong with me 😦

Well, back to BH… He is celebrating his bd this year in Japan with his Japanese fans.  His BD party has 2 sessions, one in the afternoon at 2pm and the other one is at 7.00pm and it’s held at The Nippon Budokan arena in central Tokyo on 12 July.  Well, I guess he should be arriving in Japan no later then tomorrow ???  So far, no news on his schedule …. hopefully, we can catch him tomorrow in the reports… hopefully ……



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