Getting Married?

After 2 mths of waiting, we finally get to see BH on 11 July when he arrived in Japan to celebrate his birthday with his Japanese Fan Club and also promote his 3rd Photo Album, “パリイ a monocromeman in a monocromecity”. 

Well, we did not noticed that he has slimmed down so much until we see the photos from his press conference.  As compared to the previous time when we saw him, it seems like both sides of his face has sunk down pretty much.  We all knew that it’s norm for him to look thin when he start on his filming but I think this time he has really lose alot of weight.  Luckily, we can’t find any trace of tiredness on his face despite his busy schedules, which is a good thing….. at least we need not worry about his health 😀

In the press conference, he told the media that him mom has nagged his since his last birthday that he should “get married”.  This is not norm for him as he never talks about his private life especially his love story, and when the media probed further about his marriage plan, he just reply with his “killer” smile which lead everyone onto a guessing game.

Well, if we start tracing back, we noticed that he has been opening up himself since beginning of this year or end of last year.  He has talked to the media about how he sometimes wished that he could get married as he envy Mr Song, being a married man and how he would spend quality time with his love one.  We can somehow feel that he is slowing revealing something…. something that he wants to share with his fans.   Well, my guess is his is preparing his fans, he is not going to just plant a bomb one day and announce that he will be getting married.

Some of us said, since him omma said “get married” and not “find a girlfriend” we assumed that he has already someone there waiting, someone who is very lucky or should it be the other way round? BH is the lucky guy….. :-).  Nevertheless, we shall wait patiently for the day to come and celebrate 🙂



2 thoughts on “Getting Married?

  1. Will Lee Byung Hun be the lucky guy who will be picked by Choi Ji Woo who stated that she’s ready to get married when she meets her Mr. Right in one of the “Air City” interview. Choi Ji Woo & Lee Byung Hun look great together. We just have to wait. Love is something where we conquer everything to find or get it. Religion, age, height, wealth, etc. do not matter. Choi Ji Woo is a great lady. Not only she’s very beautiful & elegant, she’s pure & grand (beautiful in & out).

  2. ylin

    Hi Nora, welcome 🙂

    Yes, we will have to wait, hopefully not too long ….
    Whether BH is the lucky guy or Ji Woo is the lucky lady, whoever their partner in life is going to be, are definitely lucky ppl.

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