Good voice

I have always like BH’s deep and sexy voice. I first saw him in “Beautiful Days”, my first k-drama 3 years back and I was attracted by his eyes. I told myself, “My god, this guy sure looks good”. I did not use the word “Handsome” as I don’t classify him as a handsome looking man; I would call him a “good-looking charismatic man” instead.

And when he opened his mouth to speak, I said: “Wow, this man sure has a very deep and sexy voice” although I can’t understand a single Korean word. Later, when I got to hear him speaks in his perfect American slang English, I said to myself “What a deep sexy voice, I think no woman can say “No” to him” and he can actually sing quite well too. I first heard him sang “Tears”, one of the songs from his one and only song album and subsequently heard him sang a few times from video clips of fan meet etc. The last time I heard him sang in public was during his Tokyo Dome Fan Meet in May last year, where he sang the “Beautiful Days” theme song “Promise”.

Incidentally, Lee Jung Jae and Lee Seon Gyeon, whom I have lately grown to like, have also got this deep, good, irresistible voice. So, do all the Lees have good voice? …….


2 thoughts on “Good voice

  1. rubie

    Great BH clip ylin and cool theme for the blog, too. ^^

    Totally agree with you that BH’s voice is unique, very manly yet so sexy that you don’t find in any other, at least for me. And he sings really well too.. something that non-fans would not have thought of… huh… huh.

    Looks like more BH fans are writing & sharing their thoughts away from the thread.. hahaa.. I can imagine the reason.. whatever that might be. LOL! Nonetheless, continue writing & keep up the great sharing. ^^

    ps: can you PM me this particular clip? I like that BH doesn’t start singing straightaway like in other clips shared before.


  2. ylin

    Thanks, rubie 🙂

    You don’t have this clip? strange strange…. will upload it for you later.

    Not sure what are the reasons for others but for me, it’s just that I’m not very good in writing and may not be able to express myself clearly at the thread.

    I felt that it’s ok if I made a mistake here or just say whatever I wanted to… at least it will not cause any harm to any one….. just my own thinking 😀 .

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