Hunnie in HK

Finally, it is confirmed that BH is taking a role in director Tran Anh Hung’s new movie, “I Come with the Rain” joining Josh Hartnett, Shawn Yue and Kimura Takuya.

He had arrived in HK at the end of last week to join the cast.  According  to the reports, he will play a HK triad boss by the name of Su Dongpo (sounds like sontong ball … lol….), a ruthless man who kills without sympathy but is very helpless in front of the woman he loved.

Although he managed to escape, the sharp eyes of the HK paparazzi when he touched down, they were still above to stalk him when he went out for dinner and shopping on 20 and also yesterday when he was on location at the filming site.

Here’s the video to show everything that I have said 😛

source: oriental daily



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