Silly? Maybe ….

You can call me ‘silly’ but I went down to Kinokuniya today to pick up my copy of 女性自身 which I had reserved 3 days again. 

Don’t know why, when I first saw the capture posted at Chie’s blog, it just striked my mind to send an email to the book store to check if they have a copy of the japanese magazine or whether they could help to order if not.  The reply came immediately and said that the shipment will arrive on Thursday and I could call to reserve a copy.  So, I just picked up the phone and make a reservation.

Not too sure what has pushed me to do such a ‘silly’ thing, to buy a japanese magazine just for the sake of 2 BH’s photos published inside.  I have stopped myself a few times at the book store from buying foreign magazines with BH’s articles or photos.  But this time, I just paid for the magazine without even having a second thought….  it must be BH is out of our radar for quite some time. ….. I missed him 😀

Here’s the 2 photos that were in the magazine.


If only I know how to read the japanese wordings on the photo…. that would be just perfect ……


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