Joo Jin Mo

Finished watching ‘Queen of the Game’ about 2 weeks ago and Joo Jin Mo (JJM) was the male lead of the drama.  I first got to see him in ‘200 pounds Beauty’ and found that he resembles slighty to Jang Dong Gun, his buddy in real life.

The storyline of QOTG is not bad compared to some of the k-drama which I  have watched lately.  JJM played a guy who came back from the states to seek revenge on the man who has caused the death of his father, but  he fell in love with the daughter…..

I’m not in the position to comment JJM’s acting skills but I find him not a bad actor….  looking forward to watch his new movie – ‘Sarang’.

Here’s a clip where he sang the songs from ‘200 pound beauty’ on SBC’s Musicspace on 18 Sept 2007


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