When will I see them again?

There were hardly any updated on BH and JW for this whole month.  We only know that BH is still busy with filming of ‘The Good, the Bad and the Weird’.  Someone said that he will be in HK this week to continue with ‘I come with the Rain’ but still no sign of him yet.  Well, even if he is there, unless spotted by the media, he is rather low in profile.  His fan club in HK is also understand as not to disturb him :).

As for JW, for all we know she will be starting her promo of AC in Japan in October and there will be lots of activities lined up for her. We are just hoping that she will join BH in his upcoming Arena Tour :P.

We just hope to see both of them soon……

Here’s a short clip of them walking the red carpet at Japan Film Festival in 2004 promoting EHAS.


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