Be Mesmerized

We hardly get to see pictures  or videos of BH celebrating his birthdays with his Korean fan club these few years.  It is always a close-door event and my guess is that the photos and clips would only be shared among the members of the fan club. From previous clips, we can see that he really enjoy meeting his fans and from some of the previous clips, he would normally sing when he is with them. 😀 and he likes to put his left hand inside his pocket.

I have not got a chance to see him in any close door fan meet.  The last time I saw him was when he came to Spore to promote his first photo dvd two years back.  The blur gal here thought the queue to go into the event hall was short not knowing that the queue had actually when round and round the stairs till a few levels down…. aish… silly gal.  By the time I wanted to join the queue, I’m already too late  and I ended up seeing him from far far far far away ….. But it was an unforgetable one …. 😀

Well, here’s 2 clips taken from his korean fan meet, so please enjoy 🙂

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