11 Lee Byung Hun

Some gist on the clip posted in my previous post, thanks to ping.

BH appeared at the later half of the programme, where Mr Yasushi Akinmoto flew to Seoul for the meeting on 15 September, place: BH Entertainment Conference Room.

In the meeting, Mr Akinmoto suggested “11 of Lee Byung Hun”. BH was initially troubled by the idea as if it is confirmed, fans would be looking forward to seeing it. But if the concept if not met, then it would cause disappointment and will get everyone worried.

Mr Akinmoto said “Do we want to just see all the “Handsome” Lee Byung Hun or “11 different Lee Byung Hun?? If only the “Handsome” Lee Byung Hun appear….. it’s boring.

In conclusion, Mr Akinmoto wished to bring out the other side of Lee Byung Hun, the many faces of Lee Byung Hun. Mr Akinmoto said Lee Byung Hun is changing everyday – A different face each time he meet up with Lee Byung Hun.

Hmm….. 11 faces of Lee Byung Hun….. Sexy, Happy, Sad, Worried, Bad….. What else???



5 thoughts on “11 Lee Byung Hun

  1. rubie

    ylin, the meeting was held on Sep 15th.. last month? BH was already back in Seoul? How come we didn’t see him at the Chunsa on the 14th? So many questions… ^o^

    Has GBW actually finished shooting? No ICWTR, too? BH looks better but doesn’t he need the moustache for the movies?

    Back to guessing game. ^^

  2. ylin

    yes, according to the japanese blogs, it seems that the meeting was on 15 Sept.
    Not sure why he was not at Chunsa but maybe for some reasons…..
    As for shooting, not sure if he has finished them, no clue at all
    rubie, the moustache can be grown within a few days rite ???

  3. rubie

    Yeah.. 15 Sept (or thereabouts) would make better sense for the meeting, right? It wouldn’t be from earlier in the year, that would be just too long ago.. the first hint about the concert also cme around the June-Jul timeframe.

    “rubie, the moustache can be grown within a few days rite ???”

    Aigoo.. ylin-hunnie, I dunnolah.. never tried myself. LOL! But.. but for men, they’d have stubles within a couple of days (can use make up if have to >.<).. I think.. still it confusing when BH’s supposed to be between movies. Wonder what is his real schedule is really like. Blurr blurrr…

  4. ylin

    well, he could have other projects that require him to have a clean look ….which i also prefer 😀

    we all know, he likes to gives us suprises ….
    anyway, if we able to predict his schedules, he will not be the BH we loved so much, rite ??? 😛

  5. rubie

    Of course we love surprises from BH ^^ he’ll always give us the best ones.. but nothing too extreme or unexpected.. or else he’ll see weak-hearted pandas all dropping to the floor.

    So busy our Hunnie.. here, there, everywhere!

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