Friends and Partners

Thanks to Miuchinyu for posting a new clip of the making of the CUT and there were some scenes which were not seen before.  After 3 years, the clip is still a classic and interesting one with a lot of new findings :P.

From the japanses subtitle, I think they mentioned about each other’s drinking habits and behaviours after drinking.  Unfortunately, I can’t really understand what the conversation were about ….. hopely some nice angel will translate it for us later.

From the vod, we can see that both are good friends as well as working partners.  JW is always at ease and happy when she is beside BH and BH would always smile quietly beside JW when she talks about him.  We have read alot of good comments that both have for each other and I am sure their friendship must have blossom after all these years and hopefully we will have a chance of hearing some good news from them :D.



7 thoughts on “Friends and Partners

  1. My dream couple, hopefully they wouldn’t disappoint us. I wish it to be a reality. Not only it’s my wish and dream, but also to prove that we are not wrong in our observation﹐ otherwise, quoting somebody- “if they are not a couple, there is something wrong with them being so close. Not that we observe wrongly.”

  2. ylin

    Ching dear,

    I’m sure it’s not only your dream but alot of people’s dream too…

    Well, after all these years of observation, I’m sure we have found a lot of ??? to their relationship but we are all just waiting for that day to come.

    Whether it’s good news or not, we just have to wait and hopefully it’s not far from now since he already said his mom is urging him to get married soon 🙂

  3. In Japanese TV program ~Sanma no manma~ broadcasted on Oct. 9, Jiwoo mentioned LBH, whether it is a slip of the tongue, or intentionally drawn by the host when he asked what type of man she liked, although Jiwoo didn’t confirm whom she like afterwards. In some of her interviews, she did mention that she admire LBH for his leadership and charismatic personality. She is not reserved in her praise of him.

  4. ylin

    Yes, JW has always mention BH in her interviews and I’m sure BH is really a person that has a place in her heart, be it for just a friend or …..

    BH did mentioned that he needed someone to help him make feel less nervous on stage when he was having his Tokyo Fan meet and JW was his choice… need we say more ????

  5. Mr. Song mentioned in his interview that Jiwoo called BH when they were shooting LBH Meets LBH in Thailand. They must be very very close friend for her to call him long distance. They cannot be just mere friends, I should think.

  6. LBH is very busy filming right now. His next project will be in Hollywood. I think the movie is G. I. Joe. They are very good friends. They admire & respect each other. In an interview at the Air City preview, Ji Woo stated that she’s ready to get married when she finds her Mr. Right, therefore, she probably have not found him yet because there’s no further news.

  7. ylin

    Hi Kellie


    Yes, BH is very busy now in L.A. filming G.I. Joe and should finished shooting by June. He should be back in Korean later this year to shoot his come back drama – Iris after 5 years 🙂

    You are right that both BHJW are very good friends…

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