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An article which I have translated from the article at

Lee Byung Hun holding Fan Meet in Japan – 60,000 tickets all sold out

Korean Star, Lee Byung Hun will be holding his fan meet in the form of concerts in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka from the 15 to 28 of this month. A total of 60,000 tickets were all sold out, indicating Lee Byung Hun’s super-popularity in Japan.

Lee Byung Hun has just recently finished he shooting for “The Good, The Bad and The Weird” in China, and is currently filming “I Come with the Rain” in Hong Kong.

According to Lee Byung Hun’s management company, Lee will be singing again in this coming fan meet, presenting to his Japanese fans with OST from the dramas. In the Tokyo Dome fan meet May last year, Lee had sang and was well accepted by the Japanese fans.

There will be altogether 7 concerts held for this year’s Japanese fan meet, each about 2 hours. Lee Byung Hun has put in a lot of preparation for this event and he has specially arranged to have some singing practice sessions together with Shin Seung Hoon.

source: mydaily

There was another similar article at which say that BH will be presenting himself as a singer in the Arena Tour, singing OST from his dramas and other English songs . It was also mentioned that Shin Seung Hoon will be making a guest appearance.  However, if I read from the online translator correctly, BH Entertainment (BH’s management Co) has already put up a notice at Dot com and PlanetBH0712 clarifiying the matter.  They said that the Japanese media is not correct to say that BH will be performing as a singer but rather as an actor who is going to present his other talents to his fans.   


BH엔터테인먼트에서 알려드립니다.
안녕하세요. BH엔터테인먼트입니다.

오늘 12일에 일간스포츠의 기사와 관련하여 안내드립니다.

이번 일본에서 진행되는 아레나 투어와 관련하여
오늘 오전 가수로서 일본 진출을 한다는 내용의
기사가 배포된 이후 소속사에서는 해당 언론사에
잘못된 내용의 개제 수정을 요청하고 현재
기사의 제목 및 내용을 수정한 상태입니다.

이에 착오 없으시기 바라며 해당 행사또한 배우로서의 다양한 모습을 보여줄 수 있는 큰 행사 이상의 음반활동 및 가수 진출의 의미는 없음을 다시 한번 알려드립니다.



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