Speak Good English

BH has been known for his good command of English.  I first heard him speak English when he was in Spore to promote his photo-book.  Dun ask me what was the questions as I really can’t remember as I was floating in the air then …. ..hhahaha….

And when I first saw this video years back, my mouth was in O shaped and I was telling myself that I must dig a hole and put my head inside coz  he can speak better than me :-D, someone who has been taught to speak proper English in school since young …….

Well, he majored in French when he was doing his undergrad but we have not really heard him speak in French before, except for Merci beaucoup when he was honored Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters on 15 Oct 2006.

Anyway, we have always joked that CP (Charles Pak) is his personal tutor for English :-D.
Hopefully, the thing about him taking on the role as “Storm Shadow” in the new movie “G.I. Joe” is true and we will get to hear him speak more English……

Thanks to Chula for uploading this wonderful clip


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