Busy Hunnie

Read from articles that Hunnie went back to Korea last week, a break from his busy schedule in Hollywood filming ‘G.I. Joe’.  Not too sure if he went back just to visit his love ones or specially for some GBW promo as there will be a interview on KBS this coming Sat which will feature the 3 guys from GBW. 

Incidentally, RTHK will also be showing a special tml, featuring fans encounter with their idols and BH is one of the star that is having the honour.  Not too sure if this was the special that yc told us about (which some help was need from home :D) but ping was so funny to say that maybe you will find some familiar faces in the clip ….haha …. How would I know who is who when I have not met any one of them before ~faint~

Well, in any case, am just glad what we will get to see BH just before him walks the red carpet again in Cannes next week.

Back to the KBS interview, can see that Hunnie is really very thin now … so thin that his head seems to look a bit big …keke … reminds me of ‘chicken little’ ….. well, Hunnie, pls do not go any thinner, you dun look good … 😦



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