Source: 泛华娱乐 (Thanks to ping@bhjwlove for sharing)

Lee Byung Hun “Shooting in Dunhuang was tough”

“The Good, the Bad, the Weird” will be opening in Korea on July, 17, as it was invited to the Cannes Film Festival under the non-competition category and the 3 main actors, Lee Byung Hun, Jung Woo Sung and Song Kong Ho are also popular and gifted actors, this has brought much attention to the movie.  After the special preview yesterday, the movie had another premiere on the 7 July; the 3 actors claimed that shooting in Dunhuang was hard.  Some fans who wanted to watch the movie earlier, disguised as reporters for admission to the premiere.

The movie was filmed mainly in China and Korea for about 9 months.  The main production was set in Dunhuang which is the desert area; shooting was very tough especially for an action movie under the strong sun.  Lee Byung Hun joked that he was fortunate to be able to return home safely, “When I was first came to the location, I can see that the environment was very bad.  I am thankful to the crew members for making it possible for me to past everyday safely.”  Jung Woo Sung said that the hot weather was unbearable, “As the temperature was above 50 degrees, shooting was really very hard.  We would quickly hide into the cars when the sand storms arrived”.

As it was a movie by 3 very popular actors, it is inevitable to have comments that there was “competition”.  When the reporters ask if it ever existed, Director Kim said that there were no such intention, which Song Kang Ho also agreed, “In fact, our 3 characters are all very distinct, and that’s why our “competition” was a healthy one, just hoping to make the movie a better one.”

Fans pretended to be reporters for admission

It was intended to allow 1,200 fans into the premiere, but there was about 100 over who have the tickets were refuse entry as the theater was full and has caused some confusion.  To calm public anger, the person in charge agreed to allow them to watch the movie on 8th July.   However, there was some who have already gotten their tickets, pretended to be reporters in order to have a sneak preview but was however not successful in doing so.


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