Life as an Actor

This is a video clip on the translation which I have done in my previous posts about BH’s thought on his acting career and how his father has influnced him to be an actor. My thanks to cutiepie @ soompi for sharing this wonderful clip.

p.s. after the “BH” storm for the past 2 weeks, things have cooled down and think we will not be getting much from BH until he confirms the schedule/cast for “IRIS” …. unless he releases a “bomb” just like what KSW did.. We all are looking forward to that day and are quite sure that we will take it “easy” when the day comes.  Cat said that Hunnie has been feeding us with “anesthetic” since last year and we will not feel the “pain” when the day comes …haha, she is such a joker.  Well, whoever the lucky lady will be,  I will feel happy for him as he has finally found someone who is able to share all his  “happenings” for the rest of his life.  Someone who he can whisper quietly in the night, someone that listens to what he has to share on what he has been doing for that day ….. Hunnie, we are all waiting, please don’t let us wait anymore …hehehe


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