Stage Greeting

According to the news, GBW hit the 3 milions viewers mark after 1 week and to celebrate, Director Kim Ji-woon together with Lee Byung-hun, Song Kang-ho and Jung Woo-sung will be having stage greeting at Daejeon, Taegu, Pusan and other regional theaters on 25th and 26th to convey their gratitude to the viewers.

Photo and videos below were taken by Korean fans on 25 July and thanks for sharing 🙂






This one is from

p.s more photos at


2 thoughts on “Stage Greeting

  1. rubie

    Thanks for sharing, ylin. Also to too bad that we don’t see you anymore.

    Maybe I should leave instead. For good of all.

  2. ylin

    Hi rubie,

    Well, please don’t mistaken that I am not visiting soompi because of certain reasons 😀
    It’s just that I have other committments and will not be able to post as freq ..

    I am sure that Ching will be still around to post if there is anything to update and I will try to visit soompi when i have the time …

    p.s. just came home after one long day …..

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