Well, told myself that I am going to stop doing translation as I should better use the time else where ….
Home is unaccessable till Friday as they are shifting us to a new server…good or bad thing?

Anyway, since BH came back, there have been endless interviews that he has done, maybe not endless, could be that they are splitting them into small parts but still lengthy to do any proper translation with on-line translators.  There is a piece today that he talks abt SKH and JWS, just two para, read the rest from here:

记者:宋康昊与郑宇成有没有什么令你羡慕的优点?- what are the good points that you admire abt SKH & JWS?
李秉宪:宇成虽然比我小,但他总是很从容,也懂得等待。这份从容恰恰是我所缺少的。康昊兄的演技实在让人赞叹,他总是能够锐利地剖析角色的特点,并能够准确到位地诠释角色。他总是很清楚表演的重点在哪儿。他真是一个了不起的演员。- JWS is younger than me but he is calm and has more patience, calm is the thing that I lack. SHK is a good actor who is very sharp to analyse the characters and plays them well. He knows where are the key points, a very excellent actor.

记者:您的梦想是什么?what’s your dream
李秉宪:希望自己能够成为一棵影视界的常青树。“真是一个不错的演员”、“希望能够在电影中看到他的表演”……想让这些话永远回荡在自己的耳边并不是一件容易的事。虽然现在是我的全盛时期,但想要延续这一辉煌可是一件更具难度的事情。希望自己永远不会听到类似“你已经走到尽头了”的话。-hope to be a “‘evergreen tree”.  “not a bad actor”, “hope to see his performance in the movies” the hope to have these words resounding around my ears is not an easy thing.  Although i am at my best time now, but to continue achieving such brilliant result should be a very difficult thing. Hopefully, i will not get to hear words like “you are at your tail end”

记者:您在好莱坞已经拍了两部电影了,有没有感到累的时候?you have filmed 2 movies in hollywood, do you feel tired?

李秉宪:许多演员即使受了伤,也会尽量掩盖伤口不让任何人看到,总是想让别人看到自己坚强的一面。但这并非是一件好事。活得感性些才能成为一名能够自如表达感情的演员。另一方面,演戏时太过投入又会使自己难以摆脱戏中人物,久而久之角色的感情经历也会使自己受到重创,因此时常会觉得自己马上就要崩溃了 – a lot of actor, even though they are hurt, will make every effort to cover their wounds and not let others, they would want others to see their strong side.  But this is not a good thing.  to live sentimentally will help one to became an actor who can express his feeling freely.  On the other hand, if one is too immersed into a character, will eventually make himself difficult to leave the character, which in long run, the feeling of the character will harm oneself and will always make one feels that he is going to collapse.

This part is intersting : 我就是一个嫉妒心很强烈的人。对爱情、对事业都是如此。从前,要是女友没接我的电话,我就会问:“去哪儿了,怎么不接电话?”,有时甚至会刨根问底。- I am a person who has very strong jealousy towards love and career.  In the past, if my gf did not pick up my call, I would asked “why hv you been? why didn’t you pick my call?” I would even digged till the bottom at times ……

Hmm…. interesting to know … he is man with strong jealousy …
knew that he is a man who “has brain”, manages his things very well ….  I guess he needs a woman who will listen to him and be with him everytime he needs her?  someone who would bring him back to the right track when he walk the wrong way at the arrival hall? hahah ……


4 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. Interesting to know that BH said he is jealous towards love. Sounds like he has a gf. Maybe now he is more tolerable and understanding. maybe the gf is also a career woman.

  2. ylin

    hmm… i should say the gf should be some one who has her own career but of course not someone who wants to do big business ……

    he needs a woman who can listen to him when he needs someone to talk too, remember, Ching?

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