Fly me to the Moon

Don’t ask me where it was taken but it must be just not long ago when he celebrated his birthday 🙂 The usual “V” sign from Hunnie, “V” for Victory?

Anyway, saw somewhere that he will be going to the Toronto’s Film fest on 4th of next month with the GBW boys

 … so glad to see him walk the red carpet again !
Lee Byung Hun fighting! GBW fighting!

p.s. thanks to a kind angel at dcinside and PlanetBH0712 for the pix 🙂 ….. time to go back to what i am supposed to do 😦


2 thoughts on “Fly me to the Moon

  1. I don’t know about earlier time because I only started to really get to know BH in 2004 when he was filming EHAS. Looks like he is very fond of doing the V-sign since then.

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