No Time to REST

Updates of BH’s schedule come out today ….. I was trying to figure out the part on whether he was going for a holiday before he starts on IRIS but eventually my guess was wrong …haha. They said he doesn’t have time for any holiday 😦 .  Anyway, here’s the article from, translated to Chinese from the orginal article at mydaily.


Koean Actor Lee Byung Hun will completed his filming for “G.I. Joe” by end of this month, returning to Korea to start the filming of his new drama “IRIS” 

Lee Byung Hun left quickly to Hollywood at the middle of this month for the final filming of “G.I. Joe”.  According to Lee’s management company: “Lee Byung Hun will be returning to the country next week to start on his new drama “IRIS”.  As time is pressing, Lee Byung Hun hardly have the time to rest, however Lee Byung Hun is very enthusiastic about the filming of new drama and we believe that tiredness will not be a problem.”

Hunne, let me bring to the beach for some breeze before you start on IRIS ….hahah:D


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