Toyota RAV4

source: 05 Sept 2008 (article is more or less what they said in empas today)

韩星李秉宪为某汽车代言 亲自演唱背景音乐
Korean Star Lee Byung Hun will speak for a certain brand of car and will sing the theme song
(It’s Toyota RAV4 actually … think they dun wan to mention the name because of commerical reasons)

搜狐新韩线报道 韩星李秉宪将代言某品牌汽车,而广告当中的背景音乐也是由他亲自演唱。
koreasohu  – Korean Star Lee Byung Hun will speak for a certain brand of car, and also sing the theme song.


     Lee Byung Hun’s management company, BH Entertainment, announced over the net on 5th Sept: “Lee Byung Hun will be the advertising model of that brand of car.  The advertisments will be broadcasting via all the television stations in Japan from 8th September onwards.”  Lee Byung Hun has previously endorsed Japanese electronic (NEC) and fashion (Samatha Thava)  products and this will be the third time that he speaks for Japaneses products. 


       Other than Kimura Takuya from the group SMAP, the company has never invited any other Top stars as the spoke person for their production.  As such, Lee Byung Hun being the new spoke person has attracted attention from the industry.  BH Entertainment disclosed that, the reason why Lee Byung Hun was invited to be the commerical model was because of his elegant image and a strong charismatic character,  these are the factors why the company has considered him.  In addition, he will also sing the theme song which will also attract a lot of people.  Lee sang the song during his Japan Arena Tour in November 2007.

  李秉宪最近凭借《好家伙,坏家伙,奇怪家伙》再次展示了自己演技。此次被邀加拿大多伦多电影节gala Section的李秉宪,将于10出国为该片做宣传,并在今年年末正式进入2009年最受期待的电视剧《iris》的拍摄部分。

     Lee recently through “The Good, The Bad, The Weird”, demostrated his action skills once again.  He has been invited to the Gala Section of the Toronto Film Festival and will leave the country on the 10th of September for promotion of the movie.  By end of the year, he will then start on “IRIS”, the most enticipated drama for year 2009.


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