They were there!!!

Everyone is so excited and happy at home today … hmm should be yesterday now 🙂  Although our prince and princess did not arrived at KWS’s wedding together, they were spotting standing together in a group photo … I was wondering just now if they were be seated together with LJJ and SSH as one “family” …. of course till now no proof on that but then, this is this first time that BHJW attended a wedding together ….

And the posts at home today hit record high …. 137 posts …. and we had 50 members at home 😀
Well, hunnie’s hairstyle looks good today,  put on slightly too …. his buddy SSH got a similar hairstyle too but then if only both of them had shaved and have a clean look instead of …… JW was the only lady guest not in black … smart gal.


One thought on “They were there!!!

  1. Choi Ji Woo & Lee Byung Hun are very good friends. Song Seung Hun, Lee Jung Jae , Jang Dong Gun & Kim Seung Woo were also at the wedding. One thing in common among these good looking men is Choi Ji Woo. They all were Ji Woo’s leading men including the groom in some of her dramas. It will be a great day when Choi Ji Woo get married to her Mr. Right. Who will be the lucky man?

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