Human Sympathy not felt

Have been extremely busy for the past few days and it will not be any better for the weeks to come …. sigh …..  hopefully i will get my goodie to perk me soon.

Anyway, here’s a short article which I have translated from, original article is from MyDaily.

Lee Byung Hun jokingly said “Hollywood does not have human sympathy”

Lee Byung Hun who has worked in Hollywood jokingly said: “Hollywood does not have any human sympathy.”

On 4 Oct afternoon, at a outdoor stage in Haeundaegu, Pusan International Film Festival, Open Talk for the movie, “The Good, the Bad, the Weird”, Lee Byung Hun said: “In Hollywood, filming is in accordance with the schedules. You will not feel that human feeling although this sounds very logical. In Korea, if the shooting in the previous day ended late, the second day shooting time will be relatively later.  But in the United States, because shooting is according to the scheduled timings, filming will sometimes just end because the time is up.”

In addition, he also told a story on how a woman had walked towards him and kissed him on the face when he was at the filming location in Hollywood, which rose the attention of the audience.  Lee Byung Hun said: “At first thought, I thought the lady likes me and wanted to court me when she gave me the kiss but then I realized that it was only a way of saying “Hello” when she immediately continued to give each on-site crew a kiss.” The audience had a good laugh for a while afte they heard this.

Lee Byung recently completed the filming of the movie “GI Joe”.  The film focuses on the war of two Special Forces. Lee Byung Hun had a relatively important supporting role in this movie.



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