BH in London

I am back …. have abandon this place for 1 month and feel abit guilty …haha

Anyway, he has not been under the radar lately .. .except for his CD release …. Thought he would have gone to Jpn for some promo but he did not … in any case it is not necessary since it is selling like hotcake.

I only managed to pick up his DVD pacel from office today and was a bit suprised to see a postcard include, which was not part of the package 😛  ….. Was quite impressed by him after watching the Arena Tour clip …. he was soooo amazing …. and can see he had put in alot of hard work and he was very touched …. tears from his eyes after the whole event .

He is in London now for the UK-Korean Film Festival and only be back on 9 Nov and so far no news on IRIS yet … wonder if it is going to start shooting soon or has it been postpone like wat yoyo said …..

Here’s a picture of him with Dir Kim at the UKKFF


4 thoughts on “BH in London

  1. samz872

    i was there at the barbican event for Korean movies, and him and the director were there to talk the audience about the film…and i was there

  2. ylin

    Hi samz872,

    Welcome! Great to know that you were there …
    So, how was the session?

    Did BH speak in English or Korean? What did they talk about? Please share with us if you don’t mind 🙂

  3. samz872

    Hey hun…Thanks…i have to be honest I was so HAPPY to be in the same room as him!!!!

    There were alot of talks and PICS (may i add)….I will definantly share it with u….I will post it today or tomorrow okay…

    Keep a look out okay…


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