Busy again

There have been quite a number of updates from BH for the past weeks.  First, his official fan club website went “burst” when so many of his fans visited the site and it was finally up on 2 Feb. 

Then there were some articles here and there taking extracts from his interview with Men Uno, Taiwan version (I’ve got a copy too) 😛 .  Am really touched by what he said to his late father.  He also told the reporter that that he dun hv a gf now and he may regret in the future for not getting married soon as all his friends’ kids would have already grown up while his are still little ….. haha … This busy man dun have time for love … that’s sad.

There was a picture of him attending ICJ’s son’s first birthday just a few days back and ICJ later told a MBC program that he actually did not contact BH for a almost a year after a contradiction in one of the drinking sessons.  However, their relationship were back to norm when ICJ took the move to call BH 😀

IRIS camera will start rolling from 25 March in Akita Prefectare, Japan after the long wait.  His fan meeting in Japan is on 28 Feb and 9th Ave opening ceremony is on 27 Feb and we are really in doubt if he will make it there altho he has a shop there :D. Sure hope he will appear there together with JW.

Credit: mydail for the picture above


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