Popular Actor Lee Byung Hun arrived in Japan, Akita Airport packed with fans

Ok, here’s the translation as promised.

Thanks to yoyo and friend for translation from the orginal Japanese article to Chinese (Please do not take Chinese translation out of here without permission, TQ :))

Briefly translated by meeeeeee

人気俳優イ・ビョンホンさん来県 秋田空港にファンどっと


Popular Actor Lee Byung Hun arrived in Japan, Akita Airport packed with fans



Popular Korean Actor, Lee Byung Hun on 9th Mar came to Japan for the shooting of his drama [IRIS]. The shooting schedule in Japan and the duration of his stay were not disclosed to the public. However, for female fans who got to know that LBH will be arriving on this day, more than 300 of them gathered together just to have a glimpse of LBH. This had heated up the atmosphere around Akita airport.



LBH together with co-star, KTH departed from Incheon Airport, Seoul via Korean Air today. Just like red carpet for the stars, there were ropes to separate the crowd starting from the passenger exit at the International arrival hall to the main exit of Akita Airport, but fans were there since early morning, queuing and waiting on both sides. On the opposite side of the arrival hall, there were a line of fans, 40 meters long, wait to see LBH. Besides staff from the Airport office, there was staff from the tourism board, police, personal securities and the Korean filming crew who have arrived earlier, there were about 60 people who were on guard.



Slightly after noon, fans were all cheering, taking out their handphones and cameras, flashing away when they see LBH appearing at the level 1 atrium after going through the immigration. LBH with a gentle expression, shake hands with his fans, while walking steadily and slowly towards the exit, board the car which was waiting and left the airport.

source: http://www.47news.jp/news/2009/03/post_20090309213557.html


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