Going Home

BH went home yesterday after spending 3 weeks in Akita shooting [IRIS].

 I have briefly translated the news from 47new.jp

Female Fans flocked to see Lee Byung Hun return home.

Korean Star, Lee Byung Hun who has visited Akita because of filming, returned home on 28 Mar via Akita’s airport.  More than 400 female fans made their way to the airport just say good-bye to him.

At about 11.50am, Byung Hun arrived at the airport in a black car, fans who have gathered around started cheering on him.  He waved and smiled to them while moving toawards the airport.
Byung Hun has started his stay in Akita from 9 March for the filming of his new drama “IRIS”.

And here the video streaming of him arriving at the airport.


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