Pyon Pyon

This is the breakfast set that BH used to eat during his stay in Akita.  Fried eggs w/o yolks, salmon, lots of salad and fruit juice (grapefruit, banana or apple).  The hotel is now serving it as a speciality set 😀

According to the owner of the hotel, on the first day when BH checked into the hotel, he requested for a pair of dumb-bells (10kg each) to be place in his room during his stay so that he can use it for exercising.  On the day when he checked-out, he told the owner to reserve his room so that he can bring his omma there  😛 .  So the room is now a display room together with the dumb-bells with his autograph on it.

During BH’s stay, she has invited him to the Nyuto onsen, which is a open-air onsen, shared by male and female guests and they can see the waterfall in the snow while enjoying the onsen.

She said that although BH was very tired after one whole day of action packed shooting, he is still very polite, putting on a smile always which makes others feel bad for him.

She also said that BH was saying “Beautiful, it’s very beautiful” once he stepped in.  His hair was wet and dripping after he dipped the onsen and washed his hair. His look was just like a young boy next door, so she gave him a name “Pyon pyon” which means “Jumping for joy”.  She then complacently said ” My onsen has magic power which can make a person strong and young”

Read the whole text here


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