One Family


Briefly translated by me 🙂

Lee Byung Hun, Rain, Kim Yun Jin has become a “family”

According to the news on the 27th April, William-Morris Agency (WMA) in Hollywood, and the Endeavour is about to merge into one Management company. Thus, the above 3 artists will be in the same management company in the future.

William – Morris is Hollywood’s second-largest management firm, its artists, includes Jackie Chan, Mel Gibson, Britney Spears, golf star, Michelle Wie and so on. In addition, Korean’s Rain, Kim Yun-Jin, Daniel Henney and director Park Chan-Wook also have contracts with William-Morris.

On the other hand, Endearvour, Hollywood’s fifth-largest management firm, has Robert De Niro, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Affleck together with Korean star Lee Byung-Hun joining as the company’s artists.

Hollywood’s major production companies have planned to substantially reduce the actor’s fee and actors will be give dividends according to box office profits.  Hence, the two companies agreed on the merger.


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