G.I Joe in Seoul

Have been busy lately and evenly busier in the coming months 😀 .  I guess he will be the same too with G.I Joe promotions and IRIS coming …. Well still unsure when IRIS is going to be showing, Sept or Oct 😦  …. there were reports to say it’s shifted to Oct but then another one said it’s going to stay put … sigh…..

Anyway, found this article when reading the mag my sister brought over.  Like what it was reported earlier, the Asian medias were invited to Korea on July, 2 for an exclusive short preview of G.I. Joe (4 mins) …. Good comments from the reports too about Hunnie 🙂

Fluent English + Swift action + Sexy body

Competency in English
Fluent Level 3
1/2 ***
Speaks well in American English, clear and easy to understand, sentences are usually no lesser than 10 words …

Dialogue Content
Substance Level 3 1/2 ***
Lots of  “advise” & “reminders”, not so much of funny speeches

Martial Arts Action
Thrilling Level 3 1/2 ***


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