Thumbs Up

There was a G.I. Joe preview for the Korean reports on 24 July and the question in everyone’s mind is “What role is LBH in the movie?”

The feedback were all very good.  He has played the role well, sucessfully played the role of a “bad” guy in the movie and of course he has outshined the rest of the Korean actors with his fluent english. 🙂 His name was 3rd in the list of actors when the show ended. 🙂  meaning? …hahaha….

According to his management company, he has already sign the contact to do the sequels, not one but till part 3 and he will bring out a “new” “Storm Shadow” in part 2. (hmm… he said that his base is still Korea but …. well good for him … I am sure he can fly high … 🙂 )

source: chinese chosun


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