Thunder “Storm” 290709

If the 20 pgs of media updates yesterday was a record, then the 40 over pages today on the G.I. Joe press conf in Korean was ……. . My eyes are dropping after having to post continuously for 3 days …. omg.  But it’s ok, I’m just glad to see him so “clean” and fresh.  It has been quite a while that we get to see him so clean …. I LOVE all the photos these few days 1968565155

Ok, here’s some of those that I quite like … can’t post everything here…. will probably upload to slide if i have the time ……hmmmm

Btw, they came out with a blog for BH in Japan, for the purpose of GBW.  According to JOFC, the blog will be closed in Sept, after GBW ??? Check out links at the side of my blog 🙂


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