Getting Married is not a license

Briefly translated from the article from by me 😀

李秉宪 -结婚又不是证照,现在还没打算
Lee Byung Hun – “Getting married is not a license, no plans at the moment”


Lee Byung Hun responded to the question when he had an interview in a coffee house on 30th July.  “I’m so busy that it is impossible”. “Getting married is not a license whereby your problem is solved when your renew it when it is going to expire.  It is definitely not the time to considering marriage now “.  He added to said “I envy  the Tatum couple, visiting Korea together and Jenna was always visiting the set when we were shooting, I have thoughts about having that kind of life too”.


When asked if he has gotten any “hot” attention from the Caucasian ladies during his shooting, he said: “I can’t go out to eat in the restaurants as I was on diet to keep fit.  This is because there are so many temptations when eating out and that’s why I did not have the chance to always meet others.  But the fortunate thing is that my cooking skill was better”  He jokingly said.


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