LBH: The culmination of my work is yet to come

He had an interview recently with the cable TV of Chosun Ibo, a very good one …. Translation completed 060909   😀


朝鲜日报记者 姜仁仙 (2009.09.04 14:57)
“Don’t  determine my success or failure of (my Hollywood entry) from just one Hollywood movie.  That is because I have to fight my way there in the future, I think this is just one step up”  (Well said, hunnie ^-^)

出演好莱坞电影《G.I. Joe:眼镜蛇的崛起》(下称《G.I. Joe》)的李炳宪参加了朝鲜日报网的有线频道“Business&”的节目《姜仁仙LIVE》(译),他谨慎地谈到了进军好莱坞的感想。在《G.I. Joe》中扮演“白幽灵”的李炳宪表示,“白幽灵”与以往的现实性角色不同,这个角色像漫画人物一样具有很大的夸张成分,所以曾非常担心自己能否演好。他说:“如同在茫茫大海上,坐在没有罗盘的小艇上,仅凭直觉向可能有陆地的方向划桨。”
In the interview , he said “Storm Shadow is different from those characters in real life.  This is a cartoon character which has been exaggerated, I was once very concerned if I can play this role well. It’s like rolling a small boat in the open sea without a compass, you just have to row your way to reach the land with your intuition.

李炳宪先后拍摄了美国和法国合作的电影《伴雨行》(《I come with the rain》)和《G.I. Joe》,经历了不同于韩国的外国电影界。李炳宪表示,在拍摄外国影片时,如果工作时间规定是每天早6点到晚6点的话,就会几乎一无例外地准时收工。李炳宪说:“我曾想过何必这样死板。后来才感觉到,这是给演员留出自己的时间,毕竟演员也是人。”
LBH had a total different experience from what he had in Korea when he filmed “I come with the rain” and “G. I. Joe), a French and American production respectively.  He said: “When filming abroad, if the schedule is between 6am to 6pm, it is definate that we will finish work on time. I have thought about it, why is it so rigid.  It was only later that I realised that actors are also human beings, they need time for themselves too.”

▲电影演员李炳宪用了近一个小时,讲述了自己对人生及电影的想法。大家可以通过访谈节目《姜仁仙LIVE》欣赏到银幕下的李炳宪真实、自然的风采。/有线频道 “Business&”提供
▲电影演员李炳宪用了近一个小时,讲述了自己对人生及电影的想法。大家可以通过访谈节目《姜仁仙LIVE》欣赏到银幕下的李炳宪真实、自然的风采。/有线频道 “Business&”提供
Last year, went to Cannes Film Festival with “The Good, the Bad, the Weird”, in the restaruant when he was staying, he was seated at the table next to the famous American actor, Clint Eastwood.  He has wanted to say hello to Clint Eastwood, but BH was afraid that the famous actor would think that he is just a funny fans, hence he just took a picture with Clint as the backgound instead of going forward.  He said ” I would also want to be an actor whereby other actors would use me as a background one day”.
In the show business for 20 year, he has gained popularity experience, at the same time, he has also to bear a lot of burden.  He said “Actors should have a free and unconstrained soul, which can be reflected during acting.  If the feel of  burden or sense of duty is greater than the actors perceived sense of freedom,  then from that moment onwards, acting would become rigid.  Actors are not someone who only does charity work.  Sometimes, one will do certain things in order to accumulate experience, or because he just wanted to try out certain things, but because moral beliefs,  he will become more and more timid and coward. “

LBH who is a representative of the Korean Star, will hardly goes out when he visit Japan.  This is because, he will need to mobilise 10 bodyguards if he does so.

The enthusiasm of his Japanese fans is really surprising, some fans would wait outside his hotel in the early hours even when it is raining. Holding a gift with tears in their eyes waiting, and some fans even prespare gift for his pet og “Dali”.
As LBH is a Hallyu star himself, he has some criticism for the Hanllyu, “The number of productions are far more than the qualities of the productions, this has given rise to the Hanllyu bubble.  As Asian fans like watching love tragedy dramas, there are a lot of similar productions and companies who which to be in this business also started to appear, which has created some side effects”.

Some said “MovIe Actor LBH” and “Real life LBH” is totally different, this has make others wonder if he is a person with “multi personalities”.  LBH said “Although I am a perfectionist as an actor, I am one with a lot of problems in real life, a careless and restless person.   An actor can experience multi personalities as his job is to dig out all the different personalities inside him, expand and display them out.

He said “Although I have yet to be satisfied with my acting”, but sometimes I feel that “How come I can make that kind of expresssion, that’ not too bad”.  But he still thinks that “LBH’s best performance” has yet to appear.  He said “I am sorry to say that especially to all the directors whom I have worked with, hopefully that production will soon appear and will recur in my acting career, without an ending”.


2 thoughts on “LBH: The culmination of my work is yet to come

  1. ylin

    Hi Alicia

    No news on whether “I come with the Rain” will be show here in Spore. They just released that it will be shown in Korea in October.
    So, lets wait 🙂

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