LBH interview 151109

There’s a very long interview posted on chosun today.  The  chinese translated version at chinese chosun is not as detailed, mainly talking abt his work, G.J. Joe, Hero and of course IRIS.

The interview was done yesterday afternoon at BH entertainment and he told the reported that he just came back from a meeting which is on a project he can’t reveal now …. (wonder wat again???).

Anyway, when they asked him the same old question, whether is he eager to get married as he is turning 40 next year? Of course, the same standard answer came out from his mouth “Not that I don’t want or I did not make an effort to try, but lady love has not appear” …. 😀 

Anyway, the most juicy part is that when asked if he did have any gf after his ended his last relationship with SHK, he answer was “Yes, a student, university student …..”

Well, we all knew there were “signals” from him last 2 yrs when he told the media that his omma wanted him to get married….. ^-^  He was hinting that he might but I guess time was not right ….. the relationship did not blossom.

In any case, BH-ssi ….. I just want you to be happy 🙂 She will definately appear when the time is right …..

p.s. he was coughing a little before he started his interview ….

Pls take care BH ssi ^-^


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