Warm Smile, Warm Heart

I really wonder if this man ever sleeps???  It really looks like he is working 24/7.  

He is actively involved in the shooting of IRIS, he took some time off to shoot the ad for KTO not long ago.  He was also at the “Visit Korea 2010 ~2012” opening ceremony (they said he was there as BYJ was sick).  He has launched limited edition IPod Touch.  He just said he in discussion on an overseas project a few days ago. And today, this heart warming news appeared earlier in the morning to say that he worked with UNICEF and Cosmopolitan to launch some Xmas cards to raise funds for the children who are suffering from hunger in Africa.

This man really never stop 🙂  This is not the end, this wonderful man, together with his younger peers from BH Entertainment, had a photo shoot recently to help raise funds for the young cancer patients.

BH-ssi, you are soooooo sweet 🙂 but while you try to help the needy, pls also take good care of yourself …. It getting cold out there ^-^.


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