KBS Daesang Award 2009

My heartiest congratulations to Byung-hun ssi for winning the 2009 KBS Daesang award.  A well-deserved appreciation for all the hard work that he has put into IRIS.   After 6 years of long waiting, he really did not disappoint any of us …. He also bagged the “Netizen Award” for male actor and also the “Best Couple” award together with KTH.

Bravo Byung-hun ssi, well done   


2 thoughts on “KBS Daesang Award 2009

  1. binggacious

    congratulations to LBH! he was great in iris & all his other earlier films & dramas w/c i got to watch only recently after i was smitten w/ his iris performance. i wish him more movies & dramas to come. i think he looks more handsome now then when he was younger :-)) he ages gracefully…
    thanks to you ylin for the updates w/c i always look forward to…

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