You are the Best!

I’ve cut BH’s part on KBS Drama awards from Star Entertainment.  They’ve include a clip on his early yrs’ work and also him receiving the Newcomer award in 1992 🙂

Click on this link to watch ->¤t=100104KBS.flv


3 thoughts on “You are the Best!

  1. Andrea052187

    Congrats Oppa~!

    Hi ylin! thanks for all the updates. I used to visit rubie’s site but i think she have some problems.

    Btw, i always monitor the site the site is updated with all the information about LBH’s case with eeeerrrr…

    I will update you with some info if you want to. lol

    Thanks for posting the blogs!


  2. ylin

    Hello Andrea, you are most welcome 🙂

    I am not as hard-working as rubie hence my site will not be as updated as frequently as hers previously.

    Anyway, feel free to let me know any info on BH.

    Thanks, ylin

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