Testing Star Power

March 2, 2010

Lee Byung-hun tests his star power with online film project

“The Influence,” produced by Windsor Entertainment and Realize Pictures, has three parts, the first of which will be unveiled today at its homepage (www.the-djc.com). Lee Jae-kyu, who makes a directorial debut with the online mystery flick, has gained reputation with his popular TV dramas such as “Damo” and “Beethoven Virus.”

The mystery film, set in a time period between 1907 and 2010, stars the Korean Wave heartthrob Lee, Han Chae-young, Chun No-min, and Kim Tae-woo. Lee plays a guide named W for a highly secretive place, Diamond Jubilee Club, where time and space get entangled over promises made years ago, with lethal consequences lurking. W appears to be romantically related to J (Han Chae-young), a beautiful woman who for some reason gets trapped in a giant water tank. Into the complex relationship between W and J enters an auctioneer (Chun No-min), who is forced to make an irreversible and potentially precarious decision at the club. Lee Byung-hun, whose soaring popularity in Korea and Japan is comparable to Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon, recently boosted his profile outside Asia last year by playing a supporting role in a Hollywood flick “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”

Source: insight@heraldm.com via koreaherald.co.kr

Hunnie is soooooo happy today 🙂 coz he is leaving for a holiday right after this

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