Sweet Voice

Translated from cn.joins.com

Lee Byung-hun’s sweet voice expected to excite the hearts of the Japanese woman

On February 24, inside a recording studio in Seoul, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Lee Byung Hun secretly spent 4 hours recording the Original Sound Track for KBS2 Drama, IRIS which will be aired in Japan soon.

An English ballad titled, “Stay”, the song described his feeling after breaking up with CSH in the drama.

A related personnel from the production team of the OST revealed on March 4, said “Lee Byung-hun is very fond of singing. The recording has actually ended on February 18, but he offered to work on the project again to re-record the song”. “His fluent in English as well as the romantic tune will be a pleasure to the ears of the Japanese fans” He added to say :“In addition to the song “Stay”, Lee Byung-hun will be singing another two songs in the OST. Lee Byung-hun’s fans will feel his strength in his acting as well as his singing skills.


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