The news come out  around 3pm today, Hunnie is cleared of the “Gamble Accusation”. 

source : nate

I have never doubt him on this case since day 1…..  Hunnie, you are the best!!!


3 thoughts on “Clear

  1. parkmisoo

    What a cool picture of Byung Hun !! I love it– was it from the IRIS filming? or JI Joe in LA? Gorgeous –never saw this one–

    1. parkmisoo

      And I am so glad to see all charges dismissed– he must feel at ease now- he knew he was innocent and believed in the legal system to clear his name, but it must have been tiring for him– now he can enjoy the freedom that comes with vindication !!

    2. ylin

      Hi Hi….

      This was posted at his Japanest blog last year. The blog was opened during the promo period of “The Good, The Bad,The Weird” in Japan.
      Unfortunately the blog is closed now 😀

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