If  I may translate the award title which BH received, it should be “Outstanding Contribution to Asian Performing Arts”, “亚洲演艺突出贡献”, instead of “Asian Most influential Actor”.

Here’s the translation of the interview he had with Tian Xin.

Famous Korean Star, Lee Byung Hun who visited Chengdu for the first time was unable to hide his excitement.
Lee Byung-hun said he hardly have the chance to visit China. However, when he went to China for the first time in 2007 (this is not correct, he was in Shanghai in 2003 to receive an award), to film for “The Good, the Bad, the Weird” in Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, the people and culture of China has greatly impressed him, especially when one day, his “lunch box” was camel hoof. “I was shocked, and unbelievably it actually tasted like chicken meat”.

This time, Lee Byung-hun has also chosen to “go into” Chengdu via food. “It was already past midnight when I arrived yesterday. The first thing I did at the hotel was to try the legendary “Dan Dan Mian” and it tasted really good”.
When the host, Tian Xin took out photographs of famous dishes like “Ma Po Tofu”, “Fuqi Feipian”, “Han Baozhi”, Lee Byung-hun was like a little kid and he kept on saying “Wow”. He then read out “Mao Po Tofu using his not so fluent Mandarin and proudly said that “Ma Po Tofu” is very famous in Korea too and it is one of his favourite dishes.
After he became famous, whenever Lee Byung-hun has a day of leisure, he would spend his time at home, listening to music, watching movies, and doing fitness exercise.

When the interview ended, TianXin presented him with a drum-shaped rattle which has a strong feel of Chengdu, Lee Byung-hun really do not realised that it is the toy for local kids. When she started playing the rattle which produced the “tong tong” sound, Lee Byung-hun, who did not know how to use Mandarin to express his inner joy said in a loud voice: “Good!” (in Mandarin). His outspokenness amused everyone.

source: sina.com


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