MISSHA Urban-Soul Extreme White

Hunnie’s latest CF with MISSHA HOMME. 

I always find him wearing white irresistable, the charm …. really ……

More goodies at MISSHA website


4 thoughts on “MISSHA Urban-Soul Extreme White

  1. parkmisoo

    I was very struck by the beauty of this CF– very classy and subtle- BH is always very attractive, but this CF is so beautiful and the colors white and blue make you feel relaxed and refreshed !! He is absolutely gorgeous…

  2. ylin

    Yes, you are absolutely right, parkmisoo 🙂
    So clean and refreshing…

    Totally different from his first CF with them which was so sexy 😛

  3. parkmisoo

    That’s what I thought too-ylin–the 2 CFs are very different–you are right too when you say he is irresistable in white- wow- this is a great CF for spring/summer –it makes you want to run to the beach !! He looks so sweet in this–the first CF was very smooth and sexy, eye catching and had that BAM !! quality to it, this one draws you in, making you want to come closer– a perfect CF, I think !!

  4. ylin

    Yes, very sweet indeed ….
    Someone which you will want to bring home to tell your omma that his is the guy which you have been waiting for …hahaha

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