BH’s Letter to IRIS’s fans

BH wrote a letter to the Japanese fans of IRIS and here’s the translation for the article from Yonhanews

“Iris” leading stars, Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee each wrote a letter to the Japanese audience.

On 28th April, Japan’s TBS TV station published the content of the letters. Lee Byung Hun said in the letter: “I have watched episode 1 and 2 during the recent press conference in Japan. I am really touched by the voiceover actors as they have put in so much effort into the roles.

Lee Byung Hun also spoke highly about Tatsuya Fujiwara who is dubbing Hyun Jun’s role. He said: “His voice has a different personality and charm from mine and therefore it is inevitable that you will feel a bit awkward when you watch the Japanese version for the first time.”

“However, as the story unfolds, Tatsuya Fujiwara has performed very well in expressing all the characteristics and emotions of the role and therefore I had engrossed myself into the drama without even knowing it.”


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