Dream Come True

21 May 2010

Lee Byung Hun boughted 8.7 billion won building to build personal theater

According to the Korean media reports, news of Lee Byung Hun who has recently bought a 8.7 billon won worthed real estate has attracted much attention when it was brought to light.

Lee Byung Hun recently bought a 7-story building, at Chungcheongnam-do through an auction.  The building was original offered at 8.7 billion won, however, Lee Byung Hun managed to close the deal  at 2.8 billion won which is 31.9% of the auction price.

It is reported that Lee Byung Hun will give the building a massive face-lift,  the theater originally in the building will only screen Lee Byung Hun’s movie after the renovation.

source: mydaily via sina


….. just wanted to say that his dream finally come true ….. from non, to a 50-seater mini-theater in his office building to a LBH theater …..

Hunnie, i salute you 🙂


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