It doesn’t matters

Here’s another video on LBS’s wedding with Chinese subtitles. Now that i get to see wat Hunnie was saying , it really makes me feel sad 😦

When asked if they have an agreement that LBS will be in turn help out to host his wedding in the future or he has someone else in mind? BH’s replied was “It doesn’t matters who’s will the person be, if I can get married” …… It is so sad to hear this from his mouth ….

When asked again, “When will we see your wedding?” The answer was “In the near future…” Just listen to his tone and watch his expression ….. It is really soooo painful that he has to answer that ….

Hunnie, I am sure that there will be definitely someone special waiting out there, do not be disheartened, no matters what …. LBH fighting !!!


3 thoughts on “It doesn’t matters

  1. parkmisoo

    I thought that Byung Hun looked so sad in some of the photos from this event–it really hurts to think of him being down. I believe in my heart that he will find the right person–I hope happiness comes to him soon 🙂

  2. ylin

    Well, I think he is really happy to see his close friend, LBS is getting married. But on the other hand, although he has always been telling the everyone how he wished to settle down, things really did not work out for him these few years.

    Maybe, he should really stop working so hard, find himself some time to rest his body and heart 🙂

    p.s. his “sad” look maybe the tireness from his busy schedule …

    1. parkmisoo

      Yes, maybe he was just tired. Sometimes the guys go out for a party before a wedding- could it have been post-party tiredness? lol Plus, he must be so sick of getting asked the marriage questions over and over…

      I hope he takes a few months for himself and relaxes- the schedule the last 2-3 years has been exhausting between the work itself and all the promotional events. It’s nice to imagine him vacationing like a normal person-

      He looks really good in the shots from the IRIS concert. He looks amazing in some of the shots !!

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