LBH – Someone whom ppl nvr gets tired of seeing

This is a very short interview to share.  I am just translating the portion on BH’s QA session. The other part talks about IRIS which we are already very familiar with 🙂

Please pardon me should there be any misinterpretation 😛


Mr. Lee Byung Hun(IRIS)- Someone whom people never gets tired of seeing

Q:  What kind of Japanese food do you like?
A:  I like everything, particularly donburi.  I also like Japanese beer very much which is very good too.

Q: Is there a place that you would like to visit in Japan?
A: My dream was to bathe in hot springs where it is snowing and that came true during my filming in Akita.  I would like to visit Okinawa and Hokkaido now.  I think it would nice to be able to sense and taste the different seasons in the Northern and Southern part of Japan.

Q: You have been working on a lot of action movies recently.  Is there other role that you would like to take on?
A: I have been continuously playing heavy and tough roles, I would like to do roles which can express the lighter, brighter side of me.


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