Up Close … Real Close

I was lucky last nite to see BH at the airport… after 5 years …

Yes, I was there to see him…. His flight was slightly delayed and he was out only around 9.50pm. 

I was fortunate to be able to stand at the glass panel just slightly away from the custom and managed to spot him the moment he was walking near the baggage belt.

He was smiling, walked near to us and waved when he saw the poster which my friend has placed against the glass panel. 

I must say that he really look very good … not as dark as I thought he was. Sorry … no nice pictures from me coz my hands were too shaky ….. haha

When he walked near the baggage belt, I quickly ran to another side of the glass panel which was really near the exit, hoping to see him real close.  Suddenly, I realised that he was walking to another direction … and I was thinking “Oh no, please don’t tell me he is going out by another exit? … Well, sorry … he was just going for a toilet break …..haha”

I was again lucky to be just walking beside he.. oh well, CP was in between us 😛 when he was being rushed to his car by the security guards… Well, no photos too … coz the medias was trying to catch him, the gals were also trying to go near him and …. oooooooooo everything  just happened in a few seconds.

Anyway, I am just happy to see so close 🙂 … No regret waiting at the airport ….

Some  photos from last nite and thanks to Eileen for sharing. 

Please do not re-post.  Thank you.

walking real close to me 🙂
going for toilet break
Thanks to Eileen
Thanks to Eileen

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