Good Directors in China

An Exclusive Interview with Lee Byung Hun: China has no shortage of good directors and looking forward to create success by working together

source: Tencent Entertainment, April 29 2011, Seoul (Correspondent Lui Da)

Lee Byung Hun has known to be the “Perfect Man” in Korea, he has won the hearts of majority of the fans with his excellent acting and good looks.

This time round, Tencent reporter has followed the “Dream Act” Korean station’s crew to interview this International Superstar Lee Byung Hun. Lee Byung Hun admitted during the interview his desire to work with the Chinese filmmakers one day to create success.

Inside the basement two of a not very eye-catching building, Lee Byung Hun was busy filming a commercial. After some simple communications, Lee Byung Hun sat down and accepted our interview. It is worth mentioning that Korean male artists are quite concern about their images. After spending about 20 minutes on making-over, Lee Byung Hun walked out of the dressing room looking fresh. However, the make-up artist started to “touch-up” his face not long after he sat down.

Throughout the interview process, Lee Byung Hun seemed to be relax and also has his legs crossed from time to time.

He shared his views with the reporter on several of his important works which are most memorable in his acting career. Especially his role in “Joint Security Area – JSA” was the common aspiration of all the Korean people, which has given Lee Byung Hun much satisfaction. He also admitted that “Bitter Sweet Life” was the turning point of his acting career as well as his own life. Lastly, Lee Byung Hun said that if the opportunity comes by, he would very much hope to work together with Chinese movie-makers. He also said that China has many excellent movie director.

The following is interview report:

Reporter: What is the greatest impact that the Korean movies have on you?

Lee Byung Hun: When I young, I am very fond of martial arts movies and science fiction movies. I am a person who likes to imagine and I think this kind of movies has given me a lot of imagination.

Reporter: You started since the 90s in Korean Movie and Television industry. From your point of view, what is the difference between Korean movies now and then?

Lee Byung Hun: I think one of them is the production cost, which has huge changes. When I was a newbie, the films were very expensive, so any NG will invite scolding from the director, which is pressuring. However, the situation is much better now.

Reporter: With regard to acting in the North-South Korean theme movie “Joint Security Area JSA”, what was your feeling then?

Lee Byung Hun: The split of the North and South is not only a soldier’s long-term grief, but also a nation’s tragedy. Soldiers of both sides in this movie has become good brothers, which is absolutely impossible to happen in real life. My act in this movie has fulfilled the wish in the hearts of all Korean audience, which is impossible to achieve in reality. There was an indescribable sense of satisfaction back then.

Reporter: What do you have to say about “Bitter Sweet Life” which is a “Proud” piece of work in your career as an actor?

Lee Byung Hun: “Bitter Sweet Life” can be described as a turning point in my career as an actor. During that time, is was a period where there was a relatively large psychological change in myself. Through the movie, I gained full self-confidence.

Reporter: You played an interesting role in “The Good, The Bad & The Weird”, what preparation did you have during that time?

Lee Byung Hun: I remember that it was my first time in my acting career playing villains, and also riding in the movie. There were also shots on playing tricks using the gun, which was physically demanding. I think my perseverance was very strong then.

Reporter: What is the feeling for participating in a International movie like “I come with the Rain”?

Lee Byung Hun: This is the movie so far that has 11 different languages used during filming. Although there were language barriers and cultural differences, it was amazing that the professionalism feel was uniformed. Whether the shot was good or bad, there was hardly any conflict in everyone’s opinion.

Reporter: You are already a World-class Super star, what is your personal feeling about the difference between Hollywood and Korea’s production environment?

Lee Byung Hun: The norm for Korean movies is that generally the ending hour today will determine the start time for tomorrow’s shooting schedule. However, in Hollywood, the agenda is laid down in advance. The advantage is that it will allow the actors to be able to plan their own pace of life.

Reporter: Have you thought of collaborating with Chinese film-makers?

Lee Byung Hun: Of course, I would like to collaborate! Experiencing the different cultures around the world in the movies is something hard to come by, and from what I know, China has a lot of good directors. If possible, I very much hope to work with them side by side.


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