LBH latest style exposed

Lee Byung Hun’s latest style exposed – Deep eye expression displayed the Yuppie’s temperament

Briefly translate by me – source:  TV Daily

Lee Byung Hun captured the hearts of many female readers with his charming eye expressions.

Lee Byung Hun who is going to plunge into the filming of “G I Joe 2” soon is on the cover of the famous fashion magazine “HIGH CUT”. The magazine which will be on sale from 19th of May will have a collection of Lee’s attractive photographs.

Lee Byung Hun who has recently taken the photographs for “High Cut” in a studio somewhere in Gangnam-gu, Seoul has once again brough a mature man’s endless charm into full play. Especially with his unique soulful eyes and lips like a wounded beast, it’s romantic and charming.

In the year 2009 movie “G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra”, Lee Byung Hun who is “Storm Shadow” had a wonderful performance. The film has now decided to shoot a sequel and Lee Byung Hun will be joining the crew in U.S. for filming next month. Lee Byung Hun said: 『Compared to the first movie, the sequel will be more attracting, the exciting storyline is something which I am very much looking forward to. 』

Lee Byung Hun’s Charming pictures will be published in the 53rd volume of “HIGH CUT” which will be on sale on 19th May. Behind the scene clips and un-revailed photographs will be available via the official website


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